What Was Actium is Now BeManaged (Finally)

Last year, we began the transition of moving from the name Actium to that of our flagship service, BeManaged. For many of you, you may have never noticed that our email was from @myactium.com, while we communicate ourselves as BeManaged. It just didn’t make a lot of sense why our participant clients knew us as BeManaged while companies and advisors knew us as Actium.

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BeManaged Featured in May Edition of Financial Advisor Magazine

In this month’s F-A Magazine, BeManaged was featured in the article titled “Better Laid Plans,” which is focused on how companies around the nation are answering the call for 401(k) advice. It was a privilege to be included in the article, but there is a key point we would like to correct about how we operate.

We do NOT control the investor’s contributions. The participant is ALWAYS in complete control, we simply provide encouragement and strategies for how to increase those contributions.

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