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Proactive Risk Management

No one can predict the market. Period. However, you can control how much risk you expose yourself to within your portfolio(s). That's where we come in, managing your 401k/403b specific to your personal situation & tolerance for risk on a proactive basis.

Make Sure You're On Track

Someday, your salary will come from your investments, not your employer. Our tools help you understand if you are on track for the retirement salary you need and desire as well as how much it will cost today to improve your tomorrow.

Fee-Only Transparency

Understanding how your advisor is compensated can be confusing and even affect the advice they provide you for your future. Our fees are simple, transparent and capped so you receive the fiduciary advice you desire for a reasonable fee that is easy to understand.

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Portfolio risk analysis. Retirement salary projection. Savings advice. No conflicts of interest.

Why 1000's of Investors Choose to Use Us

Proactive Investment Advice

Market conditions change. Don't partner with an adviser who only keeps his attention on the present. Our Research Department carefully analyzes market trends for up to 18 months in the future, ensuring the health of your long term investments.

Proactive Updates

We provide you 4-6 updates per year to keep you informed of your portfolio's progress. We work to keep you aware of issues in the market, often months before they are headlines. 

Transparent, Capped Fee

Our fee schedule is easy to understand and capped, saving you the frustration of understanding how your advisor is paid. Compared to the standard fee of 1.5% - 1% of assets, it can be a huge savings for investors.

Certified Fiduciaries | No Conflicts of Interest

Most people saving for their retirement and working with a financial adviser assume the professional is solely acting in the client's best interest.

Chris Farrell, StarTribune

Unfortunately, that assumption is often wrong.

We are fiduciaries. A fiduciary has a legal obligation to operate solely in the best interests of our clients. We do not earn commissions or fees from the investments we recommend. We do not earn bonuses or earn credits toward a trip to Vegas based on our investment advice.

In fact, we were the first 401k/403b advice provider in the nation to complete the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification for 401k participant advice. 

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Get Your 401k on Track

Portfolio risk analysis. Retirement salary projection. Savings advice. 

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