Meet BeManaged

BeManaged was founded in 2006 with the belief that everyone should have access to high-level investment management and advice at a fair value. As an independent fee-only advisor, we hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard of care. We are committed to helping investors create and execute their financial plan without the sales products that can lead to conflicts of interest. Whether you are an individual or an employer, we provide solutions that are customized for you!


Every client is unique and we treat them as such. Taking the first step of connecting with an advisor is paramount to your long-term success. During our low-pressure consultation, our promise is that if working with BeManaged does not add value for you then we will not suggest a further step.


Interested in building out a financial wellness program that delivers results? BeManaged has the experience and expertise to customize the content, deliver information, and implement changes to improve your employees' financial outcomes.