Improving Participant Retirement Outcomes

1-on-1 Retirement Consultations. Educational Resources. No Products or Commissions.

Our Approach Starts with Educational Resources + Retirement Consultations

Proactive 1-on-1 Coaching

A key difference between us and the other guys is we offer face-to-face consultations intentionally designed to limit jargon. The design aids participants of all levels of financial literacy understand their retirement picture. Ongoing, our proactive communication approach coaches participants to maintain focus on what's important (contributions, managing risk and avoiding emotional investment decisions).

Savings Advice

Contribution/deferral rates are critical to ensuring a positive retirement outcome. Our BeOnTrack report helps participants understand if they are, in fact, on track for retirement by comparing how they can improve their 'retirement salary' for as little as the price of a fast food value meal or pizza every week.

Personalized & Proactive

Your employees' accounts are personalized to their individual situation (age, time horizon, risk, situation) and proactively managed to reflect our outlook on the economy. If changes need to be made to the portfolio, our Research Team implements the change for them.

Customizable to Meet Your Company's Unique Objectives

BeManaged can provide your employees access to the answers you can't give them.

Holistic Financial Counseling without the Product Pitch Helps Employees Achieve Financial Wellness

Holistic Financial Coaching

We provide investors conflict-free coaching without the threat of a product pitch, helping them improve their personal finances and reducing money-related stress. Whether your employees need help with budgeting, debt management, day-to-day financial fundamentals or retirement income planning, Financial Wellness provides personalized counseling and coaching on a number of financial topics.

Face-to-Face + Phone Consultations

Studies show people prefer to discuss their finances with people in-person, primarily face-to-face. Employees constantly express gratitude and appreciation for their employer allowing them to meet with us onsite on company hours. Result: morale boost + decreased financial stress.

No Products or Commissions

Many people seeking financial counsel have instead had their meeting turn into a sales pitch for financial products. Additionally, many employee's do not have the tools to determine if those products are actually in their best interest. We do not sell any investment, insurance or credit products, so you can ensure your employees do not become a prospecting pool for advisors.

Financial Wellness

Our 1-on-1 consultations and workshops can help provide your employees the answers they desire without the product pitch.

Every company is unique. Every employee is unique. Let's talk about how we can help you achieve your objectives.