Portfolio Management & Personal Financial Advice

Professional Portfolio Management

Delegate the day-to-day responsibility of managing your retirement account(s). BeManaged will make proactive adjustments to your portfolio based on market conditions and your desired level of risk. This means you will be able to rest easy knowing that a professional is making changes that are meant to help you get to, and through, retirement.

Personal Finance Solutions

Contact your advisor to help make the best financial decisions for you and your loved ones. Our experienced advisors can guide you through life's everyday financial situations to find harmony in subjects such as budgeting, debt management, college savings and more!

3 Step Retirement Success Consultation

Investment Risk Analysis

The first step of our consultation is to see if your retirement account allocation is in line with your investment risk preferences. To do this our advisor will guide you through a brief investor questionnaire and compare your preferences with how you are currently invested.

Retirement Income Projections

Our BeOnTrack report helps you clearly understand your retirement picture and helps provide clarity on the following questions:
Should I increase my savings or pay off my mortgage?
Does it make sense to use a Roth account?
How can I best improve my retirement picture?

Take Action

At the end of the consultation, our advisor will share specific steps for you to take concerning your retirement plan. If you decide that personalized advice, free from conflicts of interest and specific to you as an individual is appropriate then we can activate our BeManaged service in just a few minutes.

BeManaged features that provide Peace of Mind

Capped Fee Structure

Your company has negotiated a fee structure that is unique in the financial services industry. Once you hit the capped fee, your account will benefit from a shrinking fee schedule over time.

No Conflicts of Interest

Being fee-only allows us to be 100% unbiased and conflict-free. We do not sell anything but advice. No investment or insurance products. No commissions.

Direct Access to Your Portfolio Manager

Your portfolio manager is the person who makes changes to your retirement account. In addition, it is easy for you as an investor to reach out and deal with your personal portfolio manager by phone or email.

Outside Accounts

BeManaged provides access for all of your retirement accounts under a single fee structure. If you have outside accounts that need managing just let us know and we will help you manage those accounts as well.

Result: Peace of Mind for Your Retirement

Resource Center

BeOnTrack Request

BeOnTrack provides you a simple, holistic snapshot of your retirement picture.

Adjust Risk Profile

Fill out the risk profile questionaire to make sure that your risk tolerance is still in line.

Start BeManaged

Enlist a BeManaged advisor as your personal portfolio manager and get your account on track

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