2011 IRS Contributions Limits for Your 401k/403b

Saving MoneyLast week, the IRS released the contribution limits for 401k/403b investors, and the amounts remain unchanged for 2011. Here are the numbers:

  • Elective Deferral (traditional limits) – $16,500
  • Catch-up Contribution for Investors 50 yrs and Older – $5,500

The reality is, your contributions to your 401k/403b is the #1 reason for your success as an investor. Here are some strategies for increasing your contributions:

  • Small Stretch Goal – If you are currently contributing just enough to receive the company match, increase your contribution 2%-3%. It’s a small but important impact, and shouldn’t create too much of a ‘paycheck shock.’
  • Auto-Increase – Many retirement plans now allow you to select a date every year in which your contribution to your 401k/403b will increase by 1%/2%/3%. An annual increase of only 1% can have a dramatic difference on your nest egg.
    • It’s a great idea to automate this, as it is easy for us to forget to increase our savings steadily, year by year. Additionally, this 1% increase avoids the aforementioned ‘paycheck shock’ of a large increase.

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