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IRS Increases 401k Contribution Limits for 2018

Today, the IRS increased 401k contribution limits to $18,500 for 2018. It is good news for individuals looking to maximize their retirement contributions. Unfortunately, IRA contribution limits remain unchanged. Recommendation: Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to review your 401k/403b contribution in mid-to-late December to ensure you are maximizing your 2018 retirement savings.…

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Reduced Future Returns Expected for Retirement Savings

Investment advisors and financial salespeople need to help retirement savers understand that we have entered a new era for investment returns, an era of much lower earnings growth for companies and significantly lower interest rates for stock and bond investments. Let’s look at historic investment returns for portfolios with differing levels of market risk: John…

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2016 401k & IRA Contribution Limits

2016 IRS 401k IRA Contribution Limits

2016 IRS Contribution Limits The 2016 IRS 401k contribution limits were announced and there is nothing significant changing from the 2015 limits. Below are the limits that affect most investors.   Click to Read More Details at

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Investment Policy Statement – A Financial Blueprint (as seen in USA TODAY)

An often overlooked feature of our BeManaged advice services is the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that each of our clients receive after enrolling in our service, along with an annual update that includes performance reporting, fee transparency and information on their retirement readiness. We were given an opportunity to comment on the importance of IPS’s recently…

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2015 401k Contribution Limits Announced

New 2015 401k contribution limits were announced today by the IRS! Elective Deferrals for 401k/403b/457: $18,000 ($500 increase) Catch-Up Contributions for 401k/403b/457: $6,000 ($500 increase) Annual Compensation: $265,000 (increased from $260,000) Annual Additions Limit for Defined Contribution Plans: $53,000 (increased from $52,000) Highly Compensated Employees: $120,000 (increased from $115,000) Key Employee: $170,000 (no change) Click to Read…

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2014 401k Contribution Limits Announced

Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting to report regarding the 2014 401k contribution limits that were announced today by the IRS. Elective Deferrals for 401k/403b/457: $17,500 (no change) Catch-Up Contributions for 401k/403b/457: $5,500 (no change) Annual Compensation: $260,000 (increased from $255,000 in 2013) Annual Additions Limit for Defined Contribution Plans: $52,000 (increased from $51,000) Highly Compensated Employees:…

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