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How to Review the Performance of your Investments

Your investment statements are arriving, so many of us will take a look at our investment accounts to see how we (or our advisor) did. Unfortunately, it can be a bit confusing to determine if we did well, average or poorly. Let’s look at the items that will help you determine how you did. How…

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Our Thoughts on ‘Brexit’

Our Thoughts on Brexit

Political events in Europe have taken center stage in the news and effects have rippled out across financial markets around the world. On Friday, the U.S. stock market, as measured by the S&P 500, fell by 3.6%. The rest of the world fared worse; Europe fell by 8.9% and the Europe/Asia/Far East index declined more…

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Investment Policy Statement – A Financial Blueprint (as seen in USA TODAY)

An often overlooked feature of our BeManaged advice services is the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that each of our clients receive after enrolling in our service, along with an annual update that includes performance reporting, fee transparency and information on their retirement readiness. We were given an opportunity to comment on the importance of IPS’s recently…

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June 2015 – Take Our 1-Question Downside Risk Quiz

Our Risk Quiz – How Much Money are You Comfortable Losing? How would you answer the following? You are 55 years old and have managed to accumulate $337,400 in your retirement savings account. During the next market correction, how much of that balance are you willing to lose? $0 $25,440 $37,400 $67,480 $158,900 The last…

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Cyber Security Threats and Your Private Information

Throughout 2014, news headlines contained stories about the breach, and theft, of Non-Public Information; or NPI. From retailers to financial institutions to movie producers, it is evident that our private information is under attack more than ever. In response to this new wave of cyber security threats, the SEC has announced a Cybersecurity Initiative. This…

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