BeManaged Co-Founder Presenting at ’10 fi360 National Conference

fi360 '10 National ConferenceAs in ’09, I will be presenting with a distinguished panel of speakers on the timely topic of 401(k) advice at the ’10 fi360 National Conference. The session, titled “401(k) Participant Advice: How to Protect Plan Sponsors and Yourself.”

And yourself you ask? In our experience, we have found advisors and their clients have a difficult time quantifying the fiduciary risk of providing individual advice to participants. The other panelists, listed below, will help advisors better understand the risk/reward of providing 401(k) participant advice, as well as how the PPA Fiduciary Adviser safe harbor can be used to protect their plan sponsor clients. Come join us at 9:15am on Friday, May 7th in Mediterranean Salon 1 & 2.

Mike DiCenso, PRP, LLIF, AIF
National Practice Leader at Gallagher Retirement Services
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Jason Roberts, Esq., AIFA
Partner at Reish & Reicher
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Scott Holsopple
President at Smart401k
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Chad Griffeth, AIF
Co-Founder | President at BeManaged
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